Michal Semela

Not Reality


Not Reality is showcase of my personal projects and interests. All stuff from code, design, VR, AR, MR and experimental 3D, etc.


Spaces _ Different kind of portfolio

[work in progress]

I’m fascinated by new stuff from the developers worldwide and what they do with AR and VR. I had an idea for how I can showcase myself in 3D space. As the 2D designer is quite hard to show 2D in 3D so I shift my idea more into the symbolic way how to represent myself, what I do and represent. This is really work in progress and its still evolving. But it's a great playground for me to learn new things (Cinema 4D, Unity, Sketch and Xcode).


Johnny the Tree _ AR project

Curious about interactivity and AR Advertising I put together a scene for presenting what I can do. This was really a test of my skills and learn the new way how to think when I designing for 3D space.