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September, Issue 001

The weather is amazing here in Portland, OR, so I've decided to take a month off of posting articles and enjoy it.

That said, I have released a handful of podcasts and new videos recently (links below). Follow me on Instagram to see all my daily stories and adventures.

Have a great month,



point that out just to say that my attention was more focused on what Apple was doing than the reaction to it. I only had so much bandwidth, and most of it was taken up by the camera. So when I had a chance later to look at all the coverage (and Twitter jokes), it didn’t come as a huge surprise to see that there was a lot of shrugging this year. “S-year” keynotes often feel like downers to the tech world, even though S-model iPhones are often Apple’s most popular and well-loved devices.


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I teach you Wim Hof's (the ice man) powerful breathing exercise

Kevin teaches Wim Hof breathing (16 minutes)



“If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret. “
— Jim Carrey
Michal Semela